It is no secret Off-White is my favorite brand. My logo is inspired by Virgil Abloh's peculiar aesthetic. Clean lines, minimalist designs and a carefully curated collection is what draws me to Off-White's clothing. I only own a few pieces since it is so pricey, but I am experimenting working them into my wardrobe as more than collector's items. I have been drawn to and playing with the vintage western aesthetic as well, I have been rocking my denim jacket, high waisted denim, Carrharts, boots and other items that serve as both highly functional and stylish. The look is as practical as it is trendy and aligns well with my lifestyle, better than any strictly high fashion look would. 

I spent the week with Ruby and we broke out the Off-White hat and some great Wrangler denim from Goodwill. Ruby is like having my own Bella Hadid to model for me. I shot on my Nikon D7100 with a 60mm Holga lens.